Fall Demo 2008

by doctor!doctor!

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released November 12, 2008



all rights reserved


doctor!doctor! South Bend, Indiana

doctor!doctor! was a metal band from 2006 - 2010. we made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun. you gave us memories we won't forget. you were our family.

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Track Name: A Four Horse Meal
a four horse meal

Eat or be eaten,
Eat or be eaten
That is the lesson
so pay attention

Notice the bodies,
see how they’re rotting
So appetizing
so satisfying

Somebody help me,
somebody tell me
Where are the vultures
are we the vultures?

Circling high above the vultures look so mean
We’ve got to get away before they pick us clean

The vultures
ooh the spiders are hungry
its true

They have us surrounded and they’re yelling at you
That camouflage won’t hide you
That camouflage won’t save you
From our insatiable ferocious appetite

*I am paralyzed by the poison in their stares.
Now there is nowhere left for me to run.
I’ve been wandering through this desert for too long
And I’m terrified of what I’ve become.*

-Come see what I’ve become!
Caught in a web so high
look at the spiders
You won’t believe their size.

A dinner party upside down
No appetite to criticize
Throw dust in the mouths of the dead and wounded
they will only slow you down.
Tea time is ending
its time that we’re getting over our pride.
Shiver in the grass canabalisticly
Eat or be eaten
No one lives eternally.
Track Name: Do You Really Live In Tokyo?
do you really live in tokyo?

hey girls!

put on your pretty face
show me a little lace
yeah! yeah!

how 'bout a kiss?
how 'bout a kiss
how 'bout a kiss for the big
guns pointed at your head
pointed at your head?

such elegance, yet so dead
such elegance, yet so dead

beauty queen
murder king
you've got class behind the scene
beauty queen
murder king
you've got class behind the scene

yeah its flashy
but its trashy

fashions fading fast
tear the labels from our backs

fashions fade
idols fall
don't be fooled

beauty queen
murder king

fashions fading fast
tear the labels from our backs